How to Ensure an Effective a Fire Safety System

Precaution and protection against fire hazard is an ongoing necessity. If you have a premise, be it office or home, that is vulnerable to any kind of fire, protecting it against fire is mandatory. However, many people see it as a one time fix. As if the mere presence of a fire safety system is enough. But like most things of value, a fire safety system also needs constant monitoring and maintenance.

This can involve simple monitoring or a number of extra services like fire extinguishers refilling India  . In most cases, a sire safety system involves:

  • Fire alarms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Safety gear/equipment
Let us look at the maintenance requirement for each:

Fire alarms

The fire alarm is one of the most effective tools in preventing large scale damage, especially in large buildings where quick notification in case of emergency becomes logistically problematic. A wide alarm system warns all inhabitants immediately and can even assist in an orderly evacuation. It is equally effective in your home where it can be invaluable in warding off a big tragedy.

To ensure that these are in perfect working order, you should:

  • Install an alarm on each floor.
  • Make sure that there is an alarm at a common area like a hallway where it can heard by all.
  • Make the notification system — whether a chime or strobe lights — is alarming enough to be heard by everyone.
  • Do not install an alarm next to an open window or other openings.
  • Do not paint over the alarm. Keep them clean of any dust on their surface.
  • Check the alarm once a week. Some alarms have an indicator to show a waning battery life. Check the manufacturers instructions on how to check for battery life and working of the alarm and make sure these are carried out at regular intervals.
  • Fire alarms typically need to be replaced once every decade. However, check the manufacturer directions in this case.

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are often our first line of defence against fire. It is extremely effective in putting down a small outbreak before it goes out of control. But the last thing you want is an extinguisher that you cannot reach or one that does not work. Extinguishers are very effective, but their maintenance is critical.

  • An extinguisher should be easy to reach without anything cluttering its path
  • It should be mounted near the exit. Reaching for the extinguisher should not endanger our own life.
  • It should not be stored near a flammable or hot object.
  • It should be refilled every time after a discharge, no matter how small an amount. Call fire extinguishers refilling India immediately to ensure that the cylinder stays full.
  • Keep checking the pressure gauge or other indicators on the cylinder. If there is any dip, contact the refilling agency immediately.
  • Change the extinguisher if you see in cracks on the handle, nozzle or dents on the cylinder.
  • Make sure the pin and tamper seal are intact.
  • Monitoring and maintenance often require the expelling of the agent. In that case, again, it must be refilled immediately.

Fire Sprinklers

Extremely effective in dousing fire, fire sprinklers make firefighting automatic and instant. Since fire sparklers are activated automatically when they sense smoke or heat, the action is swift and does not depend on any manual intervention. However, it is imperative that these be kept at perfect working order.

  • There should be nothing stacked near the sprinkler head. All items should be 18 inches below the head.
  • Do not hang anything from the ceiling near the sprinkler heads.
  • Make sure the sprinkler heads are not covered by anything else. Do not paint over the heads.
  • Check the tamper switch to ensure that the control valves are working.
  • Make sure that the pipes are insulated against freezing conditions.

Safety gear/equipment

Fire safety measures can also include safety gear and equipment like boots, helmets, blankets and axe. These are usually easy to monitor and check. One must ensure that the these are stored at a clean, dry place which is easily reachable in an emergency. Helmets and boots must be checked for dents and damage.


Maintaining your fire safety system is imperative in ensuring that you are always ready to deal with a fire outbreak. So, check your alarms, sprinklers, safety gear and call fire extinguishers refilling India immediately if the extinguisher is used.

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