Types of Fire Fighting Equipment

Given the devastation that fire can cause, a single deterrent like a fire extinguisher is often not enough. Offices with sensitive equipment or large spaces where fire can spread quickly often need a more effective deterrent. The best way to safeguard against fire is to place warning systems that will trigger even before the fire catches and a fire fighting equipment that will help us fight the fire quickly and efficiently.Together the different equipments are an important part of your fire safety plan. There are a number of fire fighting equipment suppliers who keep the entire range of supplies. Some of the essential equipments are:

Fire alarm

A fire alarm is activated at the very hint of a fire. Some alarms are triggered by heat, some by smoke, while some may need manual intervention. These alarms are extremely effective in bigger spaces where constant scrutiny is not possible. In most cases the alarm is attached to loud alarm bells that make sure that all occupants are notified in time for evacuation.

In larger facilities, alarms are activated via a dedicated power supply to ensure that a mundane power cut does not render it useless. The alarms often have variable frequency and may even be accompanied by audio warnings to evacuate and not use elevators. These pre-recorded messages help in planned evacuation of large buildings.

The alarm could also be attached to other fire notification systems, like strobe lights, horns and other equipment like sprinklers. In certain countries, fire alarms can also be connected to local fire stations.

Fire extinguishers

A  fire extinguisher is most often the first deterrent against a fire. Although not as effective in case of bigger fire outbreak, it is extremely effective to put out smaller breakouts. In other words, it is extremely effective in containing a fire, thereby preventing a bigger tragedy. Fire extinguishers are also small enough to be installed anywhere, even inside a car.

Fire extinguishers are often part of mandatory fire safety equipments in commercial buildings.

However, extinguishers must be bought carefully because all extinguishers are not the same. Extinguishers are selected according to the extinguishing agent, which in turn is decided according to the accelerant. The most common type of extinguisher and their uses are described below:

Type                           Use

Water                          Wood, paper and textiles

Foam                           Flammable liquid fires

Dry Chemical              Flammable liquids & electrical fires

Carbon dioxide            Electrical fire

Wet chemical              Fat fires

Choosing the right type is important because not every extinguisher works on all kind of accelerants. For instance, both water and foam extinguishers are ineffective when dealing with an electric fire. Instead we use CO2 extinguisher. Fire fighting equipment suppliers can give one the right options.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

This is one of the most effective means of suppressing fire. Large buildings are often required to have a sprinkler system that covers the entire area. Today sprinklers are extremely sensitive to fire signs and are activated immediately, dousing a fire in the most effective manner.

The sprinkler network is connected to a pressurised water system. The sprinkler head, extremely sensitive to heat, is set to open up at a given temperature. When the head heats up, it opens up, allowing the water to be sprayed over the area. Not only does it douse the fire, it also dissipates hot smoke. Moreover, the water spreads over the objects in the given area, making it impossible for the fire to spread.

Fire hydrants

Some buildings may have fire hydrants near their entrance. These are meant to assist the firefighters. The hydrants activate a high pressure water output that the fire fighters can use to attack their hoses. This measure is aimed to fasten up the firefighter’s job when emergency strikes.

Fire blankets and axe

These are extra precautionary equipment that can prove extremely useful in case of fire. Blankets are proven to be extremely effective to douse fire. A person should be immediately wrapped up in blanket and rolled over, cutting off the air immediately. Axe is used to break windows etc. when fighting fire. This is because the extreme heat often jams windows and doors, making it impossible for occupants to escape.


Providing equipment for an effective fire safety plan is an absolute necessity. Fire fighting equipment suppliers today keep a host of equipment that can help us ensure a safe environment.

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