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Splicing Methods for Submersible Pump Cables

Splicing is a usual part of submersible pump installation. Submersible flat cable manufacturers want you to know that every submersible pump installation has at least one splice between the pump cable and the motor leads. Sometimes it also requires splicing two lengths of pump cable together in deeper-set applications and thus, it is always good to apply a single length of pump cable from the surface to the motor lead.

It is important to make a proper splicing for durable, hassle free installation. A good splice features watertight, good electrical conductivity and mechanical strength. Experts are using two methods to make a splice –

  • The tape method
  • The shrink tube splice kit method

The tape method

The tape method was the single way to make a good splice before the introduction of shrink-tube splice kits. There are some installers using tape as it has provided them best results for years.

How this method was performed?

User crimps the conductors together with stake-ons. He wraps each conductor with a rubber tape layer followed with a plastic electrical tape layer. This provides them a watertight connection. It insulates the conductors from each other and the well casing. This technique is used for excellent splicing results but it is also time-consuming.

Splice kits

Splice kits include stake-ons, which form the electrical connection, and shrink tubes, which make the splice watertight. Shrink tube is a polyolefin-based plastic tubing that has adhesive coating on inside. It has a unique property that lets it to shrink in 1/3rd of the diameter of its expanded size when it is heated with a hot air gun or torch. The adhesive coating connects to the wire insulation and makes a stronger watertight joint.

You can avail the splice kits in numerous configurations. They are even available in custom sizes as per the pump cable size you are using. Manufacturers are making kits for smaller sizes of cables to handle distinct sizes of pump cable. For instance, one kit will work for three cables – #10, #12, and #14.

Suppliers are offering four basic designs of shrink tube material-

  • Standard
  • Heavy wall
  • Black
  • Clear

Out of these four, heavy wall type shrink tube material is mostly preferred by installers.

You can get these materials from submersible flat cable manufacturers in your local. For further details on splicing materials and methods, contact experts and share your queries with them. You may get useful guide for the subject from the team.

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