Why Stainless Steel Hardware Gives You The Best Value for Money

An important part of making any furniture is picking the right hardware. The hardware is important not just to make it functional, but also in creating the right aesthetics. For instance, while hinges and channels ensure that your drawers and doors move smoothly, the handles and pull-outs are there to ensure these can actually be used in the way intended.

There are many hardware materials in the market today, such as brass, glass and wood. However, one of the most popular material is stainless steel. Given its many benefits, the stainless steel has emerged as a top draw. With SS furniture hardware manufacturers coming up with new and improved designs, this popularity are bound to remain strong.

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a steel alloy with 10.5% chromium. It differs from carbon steel because of its chromium content. The metal also gives it many of properties, such as resistance to corrosion. Other properties like lustre, low maintenance and resistance to staining means that it has wide applicability, from aerospace engineering, industrial application to furniture hardware.

But what makes the stainless steel so ideal for furniture? Here are some of the reasons:

Corrosion Resistant: The chromium in the stainless steel gives it its anti-corrosion property. In carbon steel, a layer of iron oxide forms the rust on the surface. It also accelerates further corrosion by encouraging more iron oxide to form. In stainless steel, the chromium undergoes passivation. This creates a chromium oxide on the surface. This is an inert layer, which creates a passive layer on the steel. The passive layer stops any further corrosion from taking place.
This is why stainless steel is used as cutlery. As hardware material, it ensures that your fixtures last for a very long time, especially in high moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchen.

Strength: Stainless steel is incredibly strong. Furniture fixtures require a strong hardware because it must carry a lot of weight. A door has to be supported by hinges and pulled by a handle. Hence, it must be made of a durable and strong material. Steel has both these qualities. Today SS furniture hardware manufacturers also work with a number of different grades that determine its strength and quality. So, pay attention to the grade when selecting the hardware.

Cosmetically Appealing: Stainless steel is resistant to stain. In fact, it is known for its high lustre. Because of its resistance to corrosion, the lustre does not leave quickly. This means that your hardware can remain shiny and lustrous for a long time. This is what makes it superior to other metallic hardware that must be polished regularly to maintain their glaze.

Wide usability: Stainless steel does not readily react to environmental factors, such as different acids and bases. It is also anti-magnetic. All these properties make it suitable in a range of locations, such as kitchens where we have spillage as well as heavy wear and tear. It also makes it more secure when used as part of your security hardware, such as knobs and deadbolts.

Reasonably Inexpensive: There are many premium furniture hardware options available today, from brass to copper and glass. While many of these may offer a high aesthetic appeal, they are also quite expensive. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is quite an inexpensive alternative. However, keep in mind that there are 150 grades of stainless steel and some will always work better. This also means that you will have cheaper varieties that may not have all the required quantities. But even high grade stainless steel is quite affordable.

Readily Available: Given the many SS furniture hardware manufacturers in India today, you will have no problem in finding the right part. Whether one buys from a hardware store or go online, stainless steel hardware is very easily available. Buyers have added benefits of designs and prices to choose from. In other words, whatever your requirement, there is a SS hardware option available right now!

Recyclable: This may not exactly be your priority when looking for furniture hardware, but stainless steels recyclability makes it an environmental friendly material to work with. It is 100% recyclable and is often recycled to make sheets, blanks and coils.


Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, strong and highly durable. With a little care, they can last a lifetime. A number of SS furniture hardware manufacturers are today offering high grade stainless steel in bold and edgy designs.

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