Learn the art of selecting best earthing components

brass earthing components

Since grounding and safety are interlinked, brass earthing components suppliers would like to share best selection tips for earthing components. You may follow these tips and get help in making sound decision for selecting earthing components.

Earthing parts form the most important part of home grounding system. The list of parts include ground rod, wires that connect the rod to service panel, and connector between the rod and wiring.

This “earthing ground” is a critical part that completes your electrical system and ensures electrical safety. Standard grounding resistance of a ground system should be 25 ohms or less. This may need more than one ground rod.

Let’s talk about other grounding parts-

  • Ground rods

These are grounding electrodes used for connecting the grounding system of electrical system to earth ground. Manufacturers produce ground rods using different materials, but copper is vastly applied for residential installations. These rods are great electricity conductors and provide security against electricity.

Ground rods are available in distinct thickness like 3/8”, ½”, ¾”, and 1”. It is must to use a ground rod with minimum 3/8” diameter.

  • Grounding wire

The ground wire is the grounding electrode conductor used as the connector of ground rod and service ground connection. Manufacturers design ground wires for residences with copper.

  • Grounding clamps

Grounding clamps are used for connecting grounding electrode conductor to the ground rod. Many mechanical clamps are available that have setscrews for tightening the clamp across the ground rod to make a connection.

You can use brass earthing stubs for a fixed earthing point connection. This component is suitable for most clamps that can use a round conductor.

You can also explore portable earthing and short-circuiting equipment at the store. Such equipments are essential for ensuring workforce safety by conducting short-circuit current for a specified time. The list of portable earthing components include-

  1. Phase connection point
  2. Stress relief
  3. Phase clamp
  4. Junction point
  5. Earth cable
  6. Earth connection point
  7. Earth clamp
  8. Applicator head
  9. Base cap
  10. Optional hand guard
  11. Optional handgrip over insulating stick

Each portable earthing device need good care and maintenance to ensure full ating performance. It includes scheduled visual inspection of all components, cleaning of conductor clamps, cable and insulating sticks.

For in-depth knowledge, contact brass earthing components suppliers in your local today. They will guide you in best manner and provide you relevant information about the product.

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