Top 5 Industrial Gearboxes and Their Specifications

There are several different field that cannot do without using gearboxes for doing their work properly. However, the industrial gearbox manufacturers have determined that there are five gearboxes that are very popular and dependable in the market.


Using gearboxes can greatly help in using a small rotation force for getting an even bigger torque. Also, with the slow rate of revolution, gearboxes can be used for better speed. It is a very useful way to transmit mechanical power.

The five gearboxes that are commonly used all come with features unique to them. It must be added that these gear boxes must be maintained yearly to keep it in shape, otherwise the consumer can be forced to lose a lot of money.

Let’s take a look at the common types of gearboxes and learn about their features:
Worm gearboxes

This type of gearbox is used whenever there is a need for a great speed reduction ratio that is present between the non- intersecting crossed axis shafts. Worm gearboxes can be used for transmitting power that is up to ninety degrees.

• It is provided with a wheel that is made of a large diameter.

• The worm screw then mixes of meshes with the teeth of the wheel’s outside area or the peripheral area.

• The screw of this gear box is often called the worm, while the wheel is similar to a particular section of the nut.

• The rotation of the worm causes the wheel of the box move in the same fashion as a screw like movement.

• These gearboxes can be used in the tuning of guitars and gates. It can also be used in elevators and conveyor belts.

Planetary Gearboxes

The planetary gearboxes are recommended in several fields because of its endurance, functionality and precise accuracy. It is precise in application and helps in reducing speed greatly.

• Comes in a hollow input, but can also be solid in certain cases.

• There are various mounting options present, such as foot, shaft or even flange-mounted.

• Can be used in pencil sharpeners and also in 3D printing devices.

Coaxial Helical Inline

These gearboxes are preferred for heavy duty applications. It is highly efficient and its build is quality and strong.

• They are made of hardened and tempered steel.

• Minimal friction is present when the gearbox is put to use.

• Can be used in cases of mining, lifting, fabrication of tanks, construction of buildings and structures. And transportation.

Bevel Helical Gearbox

This gearbox has a curved set of teeth, present on a cone-shaped surface, that is found on the rim of the unit/ It provides a rotatory movement between the non-parallel shafts, which are, even then, capable of intercrossing at right angles, once it is extended.

• Also required for heavy duty professions such as mining or quarry.

Skew Bevel Helical Gearbox

This gearbox combines the two cylindrical helical stages with the skew axis.

• The design is monolithic and has a rigid structure.

• Can be used for heavy loads.

Industrial gearbox manufactures usually produce gearboxes for different devices; hence it is important to consult a professional before purchase.

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