Companies Are Accepting Metal Scraps From People

The metal scrap recycling is an old concept followed by the metal industry since ancient times. The recycling companies collect the scrap from individuals, manufacturers, machine shops, brass turned components exporters and other industries. Scrap metal is made of several things that include – aluminum foil, cans, used pipe, appliances, automotive spares, pots, computer components, bicycle, copper wire, old structural steel building frames, tin cans, etc.

To promote the scrap metal recycling business and to further make people aware about the role of industry in contributing to environment through recycling, government bodies around the globe have established industry associations representing companies that deal in scrap commodities.

Type of scrap metals they process, trade, and consume-

There are two types of scrap metals – ferrous and non-ferrous. Scrap iron and steel belong to ferrous scrap category. It includes scrap from old vehicles, steel beams, railroad tracks, household appliances, ships, containers, and food packaging.

Non ferrous scrap metals include scrap metals that are not steel and iron. It includes aluminum, zinc, nickel, cobalt, titanium, lead, brass, chromium, and precious metals. Although the amount of non ferrous metal scrap is less than ferrous scrap and it is financially worthy. Millions of tones of non ferrous scrap metal is taken by recycling factories and processors and consumed by secondary refiners, smelter, ingot makers, foundries, and other industries.

Scrap metal can be also categorized as – home scrap and purchased scrap.

Home scrap is scrap yielding at the mill, refinery, or foundry and is recycled at the same plant. Home scrap never leaves the plant.

Purchased scrap is the fractions of metals that need to be gathered prior recycling. Large things, such as vehicles and refrigerator have been collected by scrap metal vendors due to value of metal recovered.

Recycling of scrap metal not only save money, but also reduce pollution in the environment. Due to availability of scrap metal, industries can recycle the metal scrap and create new components. This cuts down the need of mining of ores and so, in this way, industries are contributing towards environment.

The increasing cost and issues of land filling and pollution have made industries aware about the significance of recycling. Today, metal scrap recycling is primarily market-driven throughout the world, and this will continue in near future.

Some of the brass turned components exporters have already started dealing in metal scrap. If you need further details on scrap recycling, please contact the right dealer in your local.

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