Submersible Pump Issues and Causes with Remedy

Manufacturers of submersible flat cable in India bring this article to explain various issues and causes related to submersible pump troubleshooting.

A submersible motor is a reliable, hassle-free, and efficient means of powering a pump. Major requirements of submersible motor for a long operational life includes:

  • A suitable operating environment
  • An adequate flow of cooling water on the motor
  • An adequate electricity supply
  • An appropriate pump load

What are the issues encountered by users during troubleshooting?

  1. Pump doesn’t start

Submersible pump doesn’t start due to four reasons- defected starting panel, fuse blown off, overload protection is out, and low line voltage.

You can replace the defective starting panel by new starter and check for continuity. You must set relay properly to avoid overloading. Replace the blown off fuse with correct rating. Use adequate size cable and wait till voltage recovers or approach electricity board.

  1. Fuse blows during operation

The fuse may blow when motor is on the operating mode due to four reasons – incorrect voltage or improper power supply, overheated overload protection box, damaged motor cable or winding, and defective control panel components. Pump can become sand locked.

You can fix the issues by stabilizing the voltage to rated supply and wait for adequate electricity supply. Overload must be replaced or adjusted to higher value. You can replace starter if it trips every time. You must replace your defective electrical components and also check continuity in wiring and cabling. Replace the worn out cable and rewind the motor if required. You must remove, dismantle and clean passages inside the motor. Change the motor thrust pad if you find any requirement.

  1. Pump is working but delivers limited water

Your pump may be working but if it is delivering less water, there can be six reasons to this condition- Motor running lower than rated speed. Strainer or stage casing or impeller may be clogged. Leakage can also be the reason behind this condition of pump. Bore yield is not enough. Damaged pump parts.

You can fix this issue by checking the voltage or frequency. If necessary, replace cable with higher size. Dismantle pump and clean strainer and water passage and stage casing. In case they are worn out, replace them. Check for leakage. Replace correct components like impeller, diffuser, sleeves, bushes, or neck ring.

For more details or making queries, you can contact manufacturers and suppliers of submersible flat cables India. They will share the best guidelines to maintain and replace the cables.

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