Give More Security To Furniture Sliding Glass Door

You can keep your home safety up to date by ensuring that every entry point, from windows to front and back doors, has good mechanisms to prevent theft. You must use quality furniture hardware fittings such as door locks and windows locks because these are important things that play critical role in home safety. And what to do if you have sliding door? How to make it secure? Here are some tips shared by professionals to enhance safety and security of your sliding door-

   1.  Test your lock

Maximum sliding doors have a lock on one side, usually in the handle. This small latch lock has ability to hold the door to the frame. Before locating any other security door issues, ensure this lock performs when you close the door, lock it and try to pull it open. When you do this and when your door moves, the latch isn’t catching the door rightly or is coming loose from the door frame. Do the repair or replacement as needed. Never hesitate to call professional installer to ensure correct and secure installation.

   2.  Install a slide-locking bar

The slide-locking bar may seem complicated but it’s not. When locking up your home while going out in the night, you can simply fit the metal bar into the track. This will keep your door from being opened, even if the latching lock is removed or damaged.

   3. Install a commercial locking product

Commercial locks are easily available at local hardware store or at online dealers. These types of locks have one or two-bolt locking systems that attach to the closure point on your door and have steel bolts. You can install them at any height on your door and are easy to adjust. You can even replace your latch lock with this product. Key and lock options are also available.

   4. Wire in your home alarm system

In case you have installed an in-home alarm system, do ensure it is wired to a contact on your sliding door. This is simply possible when you perform installation with alarm technicians. You can even install glass-break sensors on your door or the wall nearby so that if a thief tries to break glass instead of accessing the door, you would know.

If you find nothing works, you must replace your slider for home safety reasons. You can even replace the door frame with one that is made of heavy-duty metal. Connect with Furniture hardware fittings suppliers today and get the best deal.

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