Gate Valve Types and Their Differences By Casting Manufacturers

Gate valve is the most used casting for all types of applications. Manufacturers of gate valve castings / fundiciones de válvula de compuerta tell people that their products are ideal for both above ground and underground installation. Gate valves are intended by manufacturers for fully open or fully closed service. They are installed in pipelines like isolating valves and should not be used for controlling or regulating purposes. The basic function of a gate valve is to close and open rotation of the stem.

Gate valves are the components used when there is a need of minimum pressure loss and a free bore. There is no obstruction in the flow path when the valve is completely open and this result in lower pressure loss. This design makes it possible for valve to use a pipe-cleaning pig.
A gate valve is designed with multi-turn feature that means its operation is done with a threaded stem. Since the valve needs to be turned multiple times to get closed, the slow operation prevents water hammer effects.

Manufacturers recommend this product for various fluids. Many gate valves are suitable for working conditions – potable water, neutral liquids, and wastewater. There are 4 types of gate valves you can get from suppliers-

  • Parallel shaped gate valves
  • Wedge shaped gate valves
  • Metal seated gate valves
  • Resilient seated gate valves

Parallel gate valves use a flat gate between 2 parallel seats. Engineers intend a knife gate valve with a sharp edge on the gate bottom.

The wedge shaped gate valves use two inclined seats and a mismatched inclined gate.
Earlier, people were sourcing gate valves with a metal seated wedge before introduction of resilient seated gate valves. A resilient seated gate valve includes a plain valve bottom that enables free passage for pebbles and sand inside the valve. If contaminants pass as the valve closes, the rubber surface will lock impurities while the valve is closed. If manufacturer has used premium quality rubber, it will absorb the impurities and when the valve is opened, these impurities will get wash away. This means the rubber surface will regain its original shape securing the sealing.

Majority of range of gate valve castings is made with premium raw material. Many manufacturing units design these castings with non-rising stem. But you can avail gate valves with rising stem of water, fire and wastewater protection applications. Just contact the reliable supplier and get the best deal.

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