Distinct Types Of Door Stop Hardware Solutions You Can Get From Manufacturers

There are several choices that SS hardware manufacturers India provide to their customers. There are different types of door handles, door stoppers, door locks and other hardware solutions that are often required by the consumers. You can avail as many as hardware solutions from manufacturing unit and you can explore their comprehensive range as well. In this article, we will share some tips that will help you in deciding the best pick for your space.

    • Baseboard bumpers

Baseboard bumpers are usually selected by most buyers. Manufacturers are providing two types of baseboard bumper – fixed and flexible. The fixed bumpers are 3-4 inch long and they screw into the baseboard and prevent the banging of door handle into the wall. These are the great option to use as door stop hardware. You can avail them in distinct materials- ranging from stainless steel, brass, nickel to plastic.

The positive side is that these are attractive fixtures that can be easy to fit and unseen.

    • Magnetic baseboard bumpers

These are similar in looks to baseboard bumpers. The magnetic baseboard bumpers are fixed and not coil sprung, but they have a magnet in each part. The magnet reacts when the bumper contacts the hook, keeping the door open until you close it your own.

    • Hinge pin

Hinge pin doorstops look good but there are some limits and advantages of these products. The expert connects hinge pin of the door, which means there is more installation work. Hinge pin doesn’t prevent the door from being closed manually, but it will avoid slamming.

    • Wall bumpers

You can use wall bumpers in your bathrooms as they prevent the door handle damage to the dry wall or tiling on the wall. You can simply attach them with single screw and remove with an ease if you wish to paint again. These types of door hardware are inexpensive and effective in protecting the wall. You can avail them in brass or chrome color finish.

      • Floor door stopper

The function of these floor door stoppers is similar to baseboard door stops; however, they screw into the floor instead. If you are having harder floors or a floor made of concrete or cement, you should avoid installing floor door stopper as these products work best on marble and stone floorings.

To know more about door stoppers and other hardware options, you can contact SS hardware manufacturers anytime.


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