Cleaning Of Brass Nuts And Components At Home Naturally Possible!

We see so many things made of brass in the market. Even at home, most of the fasteners and fixtures are made with brass material. But, have you ever look at them closely? Your brass nuts and other components have dusty surface that should be cleaned by you always. Brass is a non-corrosive material, but you still have to maintain its shine and luster. In this article, we will learn how to clean the brass components naturally at home.

Prior set to cleaning the brass product, make sure that the product is indeed made of brass. Though it sounds stupid, but we are serious. You must take a simple test to know whether the material is brass or not. Find a piece of magnet and put it on the brass. If magnet will not stick to it, it is surely a brass. If magnet sticks, you have a product of iron or steel with brass finish. And iron or steel products should not be cleaned in a way like brass products.

What To Do If It Is Brass?

If the material is brass, go to your kitchen and fill the sink with lukewarm water. Water should be enough to submerge the product in. Mix the soap into water. Soak the object for a few minutes. After ten to fifteen minutes, use a cotton rag to wash it. You may have to apply little pressure to remove greasy layer. You can even use soft bristle toothbrush to get in the detailing and cracks. Once you are done, you can see the difference.

If the product is brass plated and you don’t want it to peel off, dip a soft cotton rag into soap water mix and gently wipe on the surface. We won’t recommend soaking for such lacquered products. Take a pot and fill it with water. Put baking soda and washing soda accordingly and bring it to boil. This will clean the surface easily.

How To Protect Your Brass Component And Make It Shine?

You can apply little olive oil with soft cotton rag. This will make the surface shiny and protect brass naturally.

This is an eco-friendly way to use oil to re-lacquering the brass surface.

If you need any professional assistance, you can find the manufacturer of brass nuts and components in the local. Their experts will guide you and assist you in maintenance of the brass products.

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