Sewage Treatment Plant

How to Prevent Sewage Pollution?

The whole world is in the trouble because we human don’t want to listen to the call of nature. So many species are extinct and some more are on the edge of extinction and we are so mean that we only think about ourselves. But just sit and think if you will not think about nature, how it will think about you?

While many industries have set up sewage treatment plant India to treat sewage before releasing it into drainpipe or in the ocean; you can help and contribute to environment. In this post, we will discuss what are the other preventive measures that help combat sewage pollution.

Used water from sinks, toilets, showers and washing machines travels through a complex maze under the streets to a treatment plant, where pollutants and bacteria are removed from the water prior sending it to the river body. There are certain ways that you can help environment and prevent sewage spills into the water body.

At home

  • Minimize water use during rain

You should wait to wash clothes or run the dishwasher until the rain stops as this helps in lowering the burden on the sanitary system.

  • Install low flow toilets, shower heads

Installing low-flow toilets will save a lot of water. While brushing or shaving, always check the tap is closed.

  • Disposing chemicals and automotive fluids properly

Anything you put down sinks can end up in local creeks and the ocean.

  • Don’t put fats, grease, or oils down the drain

Fats and greasy products clog both the plumbing and sewer system and results in deposits. What you can do is-

  • Pour cooled fats, grease and oil into a can and cover it with lid. Trash the can.
  • Wipe down your greasy dishes and pans using paper towel. Trash the paper towels.
  • Check your sewer clean out

The clean out is a small pipe used for accessing the lateral line for cleaning. Replace the damaged pipe to prevent rain water from entering the sewer system.

  • Avoid plantation nearby your household sewer line

Roots of the trees and shrubs can cause damage to lateral lines.

  • Make sure there is no connection between storm sewer pipes and sanitary sewer pipes

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Sewage Treatment Plant India manufacturers have shared this post with people to make them aware how much nature needs our support. We can contribute to environment by following these tips every day. Do you know more things that can help in limiting the sewage pollution? Share it with our readers through comments.

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