A Glimpse into Pharma PCD Franchise

PCD can be defined as “propaganda -cum-distribution“. It is also known as franchise marketing. PCD companies are smaller in comparison to big pharmaceutical companies. PCD generally consists of few workers depending upon the job they are allotted as a single worker can multi-task to be more cost efficient.


Why Are They Needed?

In order to promote the business in remote areas or regions where the main pharma companies can’t reaches due to various reasons, these Pharma PCD franchise comes into play. They usually cover up particular area or state of their command so that they can help in selling the products of Pharma PCD franchise. By outsourcing office expenses like a need of work place, staff, utility bills and cost of transportation can be reduced for the main company.

What Are the Steps to Become a Pharma PCD Franchise?

Firstly you need to have a proper legal documents and licenses to become a Pharma PCD franchise. This documentation can be done with healthcare departments located at different regions. After becoming a certified Pharma PCD company you can now select the company or its particular product for which you are interested in taking franchisee. After selection you should approach the company with your profile and offer if the deal is cracked then you should enter in a written contract in which all the necessary details should be mentioned such as contract period, product name, delivery schedules, payment mode etc.

How Much Investment is Required to Start a Pharma PCD Franchise?

Investment should always depend upon the rate and duration of return. Investments should be made carefully keeping many aspects such as company’s performance for which you have taken franchisee, products acceptance etc. Further you need to have a proper work place and warehouse where you can stock the products without getting them damaged. A godown must have all the basic amenities which are needed for many Pharma products refrigerator is must as they need cool environment for its storage. A particular amount should be kept aside as a back-up which can be used in emergency or it can be used to buy more products when there is huge demand.

What Are the Marketing Strategies that Can Be Used?

Marketing helps in makes the product familiar to the customers. In some cases it is observed that sub-standard product too got sold when marketed well, but for longevity you need to have quality. Hoardings, banners, pamphlets, TV commercials approaching local clinics, hospitals and shops can really boost the demand of products.

What Are the Safety Precautions that Should Be Taken?

Every work needs certain check and precautions for a better performance of the company. Regular check on the product supplied by the main Pharma Company should be done. Products validity and manufacturing dates should be vigorously checked as any expired product supplied in the market can lead you and the main company in trouble. Packing should be done properly so that the product reaches to the customer properly. Once a while check for any parasite attack in your godown so that it doesn’t harm your inventory.


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