Fiberglass Pole – A Versatile Material

Fiberglass also known as glass reinforce plastic is commonly used in constructional works. Due to its strongly built material and lightweight they are mainly used in boats, automobiles, swimming pools, septic tanks, roofing pipes etc. These fiberglasses have great strength as they are insulated so that they can bear high temperatures.
fiberglass-polesFiberglass is the strong combination of resin (sticky glue like substance) and plastic. The process by which fiberglass is manufactured in known as Pultrusion. Special outer coatings are done on fiberglass to protect filaments.

Some common used fiberglasses are polyester resin, chopped strand mat laminate, woven roving laminate etc.

Uses of Fiberglass Poles

Due to its durability and strength they are used in sports utilities. Many have seen a pole jump in Olympics but no one ever bothered to research by what material the pole is built of by which the person jump across. The pole is made of fiberglass which is so strong and flexible that a person can put his entire weight jump across various heights according to the competition. Helmets used in various sports are also made up of fiberglass which helps in securing the head of the sportsmen.

Fiberglass poles are also comes handy in industrial procedures. As they bad conductors of electricity they are used in varieties of antennas. We all have seen our country’s flag hoisted over a pole but many of us doesn’t that the pole which is a fiberglass pole as it alloys flexibility in strong wind and doesn’t break easily.¬† Because of their superior strength and durability solid fiberglass poles are now used extensively as mechanical harvesting poles for grape picker and berry pickers.

These fiberglass poles can bear extreme temperatures without getting twirl and twisted. In comparison to steel and iron poles fiberglass poles are much cheaper but strength wise they are equivalent. They have a very low maintenance thus the demand of fiberglass poles are in demand.

Another biggest advantage of fiberglass poles is that they can easily be installed as they are lightweight. In any natural calamity if they break it highly unlikely that it can damage anything unlike heavy aluminium, steel and iron rods which can seriously damage or even kill in extreme cases. In case of any breakage which is very less unheard it can be easily changed as many sizes are available in the market according to the needs of fiberglass pole.

All of fiberglass specifications and features make it a very useful product and hence these fiberglass poles are manufactured in both local and international markets. The high demand makes this fiberglass pole even more potential to become more and more useful as people now are changing their old habits of using heavy iron and steel poles as they didn’t have any other substitute for steel and iron rods. With increase in its demand more technological methods are indulged in making them more relevant to use and rectify all the tiny little glitches which a user faces while in use.


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