Cooling Tower Suppliers Bring New Advantages of Heat Recovery Ventilation

In this post, cooling tower suppliers share advantages of heat and energy recovery ventilation systems, their performance, ducting, and maintenance.

Advantages of energy and heat recovery ventilation systems are as follows:

  • Ventilation system reduces heat loss and thus, there is less heat input requirement for raising the indoor temperature to a comfortable level.
  • These systems are cost effective because there is minimum requirement of energy to move air than to heat it
  • Recovery Ventilation system offers venting solutions where open windows would be a risky thing in terms of security and where no window exists in the room.
  • These systems can be used as ventilation systems in summer by substituting the heat transfer system and replacing indoor air with outdoor air.
  • Energy recovery ventilation systems lower the indoor moisture in winter.

How they work?
Heat recovery ventilation and energy recovery ventilation systems have two fans. Among the two, one is used to draw air in from the outer environment and other is to remove internal air.

These systems use air-to-air heat exchanging technique and are usually installed in a roof space. These systems recover the internal air before discharging it to the environment and warm the incoming air with the help of recovered heat.

Manufacturers design the two airflows in two different ways. One is counter flow through which air flow enters the exchanger from opposite ends. Another is cross flow in which airflows are at right angles to each other. Cross flow is lesser efficient than counter flow design.

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Ducting technology helps in achieving airflow resistance. Manufacturers select the largest size during possible. Larger ducting diameter offers better airflow performance and lesser noise.

Things should be included in ducting –

  • Ducting should have internal surfaces that are as smooth as possible to lower the air flow resistance
  • Ducting have the least number of bends
  • Ducting should have no tight bends as these can cause significant air flow resistance
  • Ducting should be insulated to lower heat loss and noise of duct

It is the responsibility of the owner to get the cooling tower serviced every year. Cleaning of outside hoods and screens should be done every year. The heat exchange unit installed in the system must be cleaned per year or per two years. Air filters should be replaced after 6 months.

You may contact cooling tower suppliers for more details.

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