Different Ways Of Preserving Food Products – What Experts Have To Say

Fresh produce is not available everywhere and at all seasons. Keeping this in mind there are several ways and methods which has evolved to keep the supply of fresh produce steady. Yes this might not be fresh in literal terms but still work in the same way as fresh.

dehydrated foods suppliers in India
dehydrated foods suppliers in India

There are namely two methods of using fresh produce which has been long been picked from the farms but certainly taste equally good as freshly picked fruits and vegetable from the farm

Following are few of the ways by which you can enjoy the goodness of fresh produce

1. Freezing

Freezing is one of the most common methods of preserving fresh produce which can be used in the late date. The process of freezing is very straight forward as all it requires is a freezer. There are professional’s freezers which stores loads of loads of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk products and very often meat products as well. However this can be done in your own fridge freezer as well.

If you are looking to freeze something then all you have to remember is a good packaging and a steady sub-zero temperature at all times. There are several advantages of freezing food. The biggest advantage is that it does not require any food preservatives as the low temperature itself acts as a food preservative as it does not let any growth of bacteria and fungus.

The other advantage is that there is no loss of shape and size. You can freeze the item as it is.Yes when it is thawed it might lose a little bit of its content but not too large amount. Frozen products can be used for a long time sometimes it is as long as a year if proper temperature and cooling conditions are maintained.

2. Tined and Packaged

Another way to preserve food and vegetable and even milk and meat products is by tinning it and packaging it with the help of preservatives. Vegetables work very well when they are tinned, but the biggest drawback about tins it that it contains preservative which can change the flavour of the product, not a large extent though. Also it is advisable to empty the contents once the tin is open and transfer them into another package as it might start to react with the tin and may cause problems

3. Pickling

If you are fond of pickles then it’s a very good idea to pickle meat products as well as vegetable, they can then be used for an extended time period. Pickles generally do not consist of any artificial preservative, they are generally preserved in vinegar and essential oils, it works very well and even tastes great.

4. Dehydrating

Dehydrating is yet form of preservation which is quite different from freezing and tinning as the content is dried to an extent that they lose all the moisture in them therefore they have no scope of being rotten. Once they are completely dried then they can be packed in packages and sold.

The biggest advantage of dehydrated products is that they are very easy to store as they do not require too much spaces and they also have a very long shelve life. You would be amazed that once the dehydrated products are cooked in water or any other liquid they regain the same properties that of the original produce.

Keeping this attribute of food produce in mind, dehydrated foods suppliers in India are not only catering in India but also internationally.

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