Submersible Pump Cables How They Are Useful And What Are The Uses

There are loads of cables which are required for flow of electricity which are used in industries for Wire Manufacturing or domestic use for flow of current for appliances. However when we talk about submersible cable then extra care needs to be taken as they are submerged under the water and water is a good conductor of water. Apart from just water they also need to be good enough to stand the high pressures of water and any abrasions if there are any. Such wires and cable in lay man’s languages is known as submersible pump cables. These are most practically used to pump out water from wells, underground reservoir, dewatering tanks etc.

When we talk about running electricity from underwater deep down the soil, right on from the water table then there are several things which need to be taken care of. As mentioned above they must be resistant enough to take the pressure of water as well as abrasions but also must be chemical there are many chemicals which are present in the water table ,therefore they need to be durable enough to not reach with any chemical present in the water or the soil.

They comes in various sizes keeping in mind the needs and requirements. There are various manufacturers and industries which manufactures submersible cables. For example in case of sewer cables which are designed specifically for this purpose does well as PVC 3 or PVC 4 however they may not be of same effect for some other use.

In case there is a strong presence of grease or chemicals then, it is important to use submersible cables which have a strong outer cover which is powdered with Rubber 3 and Rubber 4 which guarantees it durability and effectiveness. The thermoplastic outer covering not only helps to withstand the cables from water stress but also chemicals present in the water which can reach with the cable and cause a current or an electric shock.

Different kind of material is used as regards submersible cables for different purpose.for example submersible cables which are used to pump fresh drinking water needs to made from non-poisonous plastic which are easy to clean and maintain so that they do not contaminate the water. These consist of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) in the outer coating which helps to protect them from getting in close contact with chemicals and grease thus protecting the water from getting contaminated.

On the other hand submersible cables pumps which are widely used in swimming pools to pump out water needs to be hygienic and clean so that it does not make the water in the swimming pool dirty and unhygienic for people to swim in. They also carry warm water therefore they need to be temperature resistant and pressure resistant. Keeping all these thing is mind there are several submersible pump cables manufacturers who manufacture a wide range of cable for their customers keeping in mind their needs and requirements.

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