ETPs, CETPs, STPs Plants Manufacturing For Sewage Treatment

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There is not only one plant to treat sewage. STP plant manufacturer India brings top three sewage treatment plants used by industries across the globe. We will discuss these plants in detail- ETP, CETP, STP.

Some of the major significant models of wastewater treatment process are Effluent treatment plants (ETP), Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), and Common and Combined Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP). It is estimated that each year, 1.8 million people die due to illness and diseases caused by polluted water. Major part of deaths can be indirectly linked to improper sanitation.

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The initiative of wastewater treatment is significant, which must be taken more seriously for enhancing environment and future of the earth. Wastewater treatment is a method in which the pollutants and contaminants are taken off from wastewater and household sewage, to produce solid waste or waste stream. This waste stream is later recycled or discharged. Manufacturers divide wastewater treatment into three divisions – physical, chemical, and biological.

Concept of ETPs

ETPs are used by companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry to treat water and purify it by removing toxic and non-toxic materials and chemicals from it. ETPs are used by all companies in order to protect environment.

In these plants, effluents and waste water treatment is performed. These are widely used in industrial sector, for instance, chemical industry, to take off the effluents from the bulk chemicals. These plants involve evaporation and drying methods and other auxiliary techniques like filtration, centrifuging, and incineration for chemical processing and treatment of effluents. It is necessary to treat effluents to prevent pollution of the receiving water body.

Concept of ETPs

Sewage Treatment” or domestic wastewater treatment process involves removing of pollutants from wastewater and domestic sewage. It includes chemical, physical, and biological methods to expel the impurities from sewage.

ETP is intended by engineers with an objective that is to produce a waste stream and sludge suitable for discharge or recycling. Pre-treatment expels materials that can be easily gathered from the raw wastewater prior they clog the pumps and skimmers used in primary treatment clarifiers, such as leaves, trash, etc.

The Concept of CETP

The idea behind introduction of CETP brought by the engineers to help small scale industries in treating effluents and disposing them in stream, land or river. It helps in reducing the treatment cost for small scale industry at maximum while protecting the water environment.

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