How To Restore Motorcycle Cylinders?

Modern engine oils and manufacturing systems have evolved by experts to enhance the life of motorcycle engines and increase productivity. There are moments when many owners of classic motorcycles encounter the possibility that their engine requires re-boring and they install new rings and pistons. The internal rotary parts of an engine wear at high rate that also affects the cylinders. Cylinder liner suppliers will tell you how to restore motorcycle cylinders.

Motorcycle Cylinders

You need to determine the condition of the cylinder with the help of mechanic. To check the cylinder condition without resorting to a tear-down, your mechanic will perform a compression cranking pressure test along with a leak-down test. Both the tests will help in determining the condition of the cylinder, so that you can accordingly give attention to it.

Though the engine of motorcycle may run well, but its internal condition may be deteriorating. The good part is that the bike owner can check the internal condition of the engine with some reasonable mechanical skills.

Since the engine runs on the fuel air mixture under compression and a spark, to make it run properly, all the phases needs to happen at the right time. If the oil mixture is not right, or the spark occurs at wrong time, or the compression is low, it will affect the engine and stop it to work properly.

It is simple to check the compression of the engine. Moreover, the tools required for testing are easily available and simple to use.

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Major steps for testing the compression of the engine-

  1. Warm the engine to the level of operating temperature
  2. Expel the spark plug and then replace it inside the plug cap and attach the plug firmly to a ground.
  3. Insert the adapter into the plug hole
  4. Connect the pressure gauge
  5. Turn the engine over

When you turn over the engine, piston movement will draw in a fresh charge and this charge will get compressed after the valves have closed.

Steel cylinder liner is simple to recondition. This type of liner is usually installed in the aluminium cylinders and is intended to be re-bored two or three times. Mostly local shops and a few dealers have environment to re-bore a steel cylinder. But, experts recommend following the manual offered by manufacturers for the piston to bore clearance. Once the re-boring is done, cleaning of cylinder liners becomes easy.

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