Setting Up Ultra Grade Packaging Line With Blister Packing Machine

Setting up a High Quality Packaging Line for any product includes choosing the correct blister packing machine, the right capping equipment, perhaps a rinsing machine and most likely a labeling machine, not to mention a power conveyor system to tie all the machines together.

Setting up right packaging line includes selection of right blister packing machine, right equipment, right labeling machine, right filling machine, right conveyor system etc. However, time is the biggest constraint that is given less attention when loading or packing wide range of bottles.


Every manufacturer wants that filling capacities should be faster so that maximum of bottles can be packed every day. The machines that take less time to pack product that can be shipped or delivered quickly other than the products that are packed in a week.

There are different ways how power conveyor system can be attached with container or some automatic blister packaging machinery. The least efficient way to choose is putting bottles on conveyor system with your hand.

This procedure is not only slow but demands for extra labor costs too. With automatic filling machines, products can be loaded itself with ease and overall process is much faster than expected.

There are different methods available for loading bottles; you can choose one of the best that suits most. Proper installation of containers over conveyor system assure best filling, capping or labeling on equipment.

However, high product speed always demands for most of the functions to be automated. You don’t have to perform anything in hurry otherwise there are chances of disturbance is functions or operations.

Also, finding out best solution means best product sizing, filling, quick shipping etc. In this way when everything is performed at actual speed then blister packaging process is considered highly efficient.

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