What Types Of Brass Pipe Fittings You Can Get From Supplier?

Plumbing fittings are mostly demanded by customers for their industrial and commercial applications. Brass pipe fittings allow pipes to be installed or joined in the appropriate place and closed or terminated where required.

Suppliers usually have distinct shapes and sizes of pipe fittings that can be expensive, need time and distinct materials and tools to install. These fittings are crucial part of piping and plumbing systems.
Untiled Manufacturers are making batches of thousands of specialized fittings for customers. Each type of brass pipe or tube needs a specialized fitting. However, manufacturing units are intending pipe fittings with similar features. And these are easily found at stores where plumbing materials are sold.

How To Connect Pipe Fittings To Pipes?

Male or female pipe fittings are available in the stores today. In thread pipe fittings, female threads are on the inside while male threads are on the outside. Pipe fittings with one male end and one female end are named as street fittings. Pipe fittings are intended to connect tubes or pipes in following ways-

  • By slip fit- Slip fit pipes have sleeves that slip into another. The pipes made of plastic are either slip fit or threaded.
  • By threading – Threaded pipes screw together to join. Manufacturers usually design metal pipes with threads and these pipes have threaded fittings.

How They Organize Pipe Fittings?

  • Male threaded
  • Female threaded
  • Female slip fit
  • Male slip fit

Uses Of Pipe Fittings

The basic uses of every pipe fitting is as follows-

  • Connecting or joining the bores of two or multiple tubes or pipes
  • Connecting pipe sections
  • Connecting a pipe to different application
  • Regulating the flow
  • Changing the fluid direction or flow
  • Closing and sealing a pipe

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