Oil Lubrication In Double Roll Crusher- Concept Explanation

Bearings used in double roll crusher require oil lubrication that falls into one of two groups. The widely accepted method is the static type, with a reservoir or sump of oil in the casing in which the bearing rotates.

Second is circulating system where oil is pumped into the casing top, allowed to flow down across the bearing and is drained from the bottom of the casing and sent to oil reservoir.


There are some factors that determine the type of lubrication used in the roller crusher. These are as follows-

  • Bearing size
  • Operating speed
  • Induced loading
  • Temperature
  • Contamination

Oil contamination is a serious issue as compared to oil deterioration. This is why it is must for users to flush and replace oil after some fixed time interval.

The cost for flushing and lubricating a bearing is not much when compared to the long downtime. Moreover the replacement of bearing is costlier when failure happens.

Static oil lubrication requires a provided oil level in the casing. Every casing is installed with a sight gage and the required level for the bearing is notified by notches in the gage or a line on the glass. You need to check the oil level with the bearing at rest. You should add the make-up oil when bearings are not performing.

Circulating oil system is used by roller crusher to maintain the required oil level and/or flow for whole lubrication of bearing and cooling till the oil system is aptly adjusted and performing in right way and the level of oil reservoir is maintained.

Double roller crushers usually operate at slow speeds and require grease lubrication. Roller bearing greases are made of lubricating oil and a soap base. When the bearing rotates through the grease, little oil sticks to the bearing surfaces. Oil is removed from the lubricating grease near the rotating parts.

The oil used by bearing is rapidly broken down by evaporation, oxidation and centrifugal force.

Correct intervals of re-greasing depend on numerous operating factors. The grease quality, temperature, contamination, high speed, high humidity, etc. are the few factors.

Things To Consider

  • Immediately stop your double roll crusher if a bearing temperature exceeds 82 Degrees Celsius during a test.
  • You must let the bearings to warm up to 27 Degrees Celsius prior feeding material.
  • You cannot restart crushers once they are stalled until the feed material is expelled.
  • You cannot crush anything in these crushers.
  • You cannot operate a crusher in wrong direction
  • You must use crusher without exceeding the speed limit for safety

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