Cooling Towers In India

An Insight On Cooling Towers In India

Cooling towers, the heat removal equipment installed at almost any industry have gradually grown from being just equipment to the most essential part of the industry process.

Especially cooling towers in India, have something good to do to the industries. Cooling towers in India can be segregated into two types namely Natural draft cooling towers and Mechanical cooling towers.

There are two types of Cooling towers based on it’s fan type, some of shapes, efficiency of water flow… The main classification based on the types of circuit.

While the natural draft cooling tower is a huge convex cylindrical equipment that cools water in a large size industry, the mechanical draft cooling towers are similar to the natural draft ones but with certain distinctions.

How do the cooling towers in India work?

In any industrial cooling machinery, especially the cooling towers, water is pumped in through pipes and as the water passes through the nozzles, it is eventually sprayed into the fill material, slowing the water flow. Water passes down the equipment and is exposed to air that is actually sucked into the cooling tower fan. Water being exposed to air gets evaporated resulting in a cooling effect. Then the water that turns cool is pumped into the tower for reheating and finally the warm water allowed to circulate inside the tower which is cooled again.

Having an importance in the process of industrial manufacturing, the cooling towers in India have become a prerequisite for anyone who owns an industry and therefore, the demand for these essential equipment has drastically increased creating more scope for better business growth back here in India.


Cooling towers in India are manufactured by various firms and are also exported to foreign nations with guaranties and warranties included.

Cooling towers in India are best known for quality and safety, for many industries across the country and also the ones abroad, prefer cooling towers shipped from India, following its best deals.

Various sectors like electricity generation, chemical or sugar manufacturing and processing, petrol refinement, air conditioning or refrigeration and generation of steel will require ample amount of cooling so as to run the systems smoothly without any discrepancies and therefore cooling towers play an important role in any industry.

Why are cooling towers from India believed to be a great choice?

Cooling towers in India are manufactured with superior quality materials and more over they are extremely cost-effective, which is why they are the most preferred equipment among all the cooling towers available across the world.

On the other hand, as most industries believe in one time investment, sometimes when up gradation of the cooling towers is needed, the firm management wouldn’t take a call. However, as any equipment would need maintenance and up gradation, cooling towers made in India also need up gradation so as to continue performing better.

How Suppliers Get Success In Delivering Excellent Cooling Towers?

In today’s fast paced world where every process is getting simplified, the cooling towers in India also have undergone some technical iterations where the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic cooling towers (FRP) have come into existence, making industrial cooling process much simpler.

With less maintenance efforts and better durability, a variety of better performing cooling towers manufacturers in India has begun attracting the major share of the global market.

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