Things Brass Anchor Manufacturers Don’t Like About Water Chlorine Generator

No manufacturer can build a perfect system. There will be certain bugs or issues that user encounters once he starts using the system.

Brass anchor manufacturers dislike many things about water chlorine generator. The system affects other pool components and in this article, we will discuss the issues in this article.


1. Corroded Handrail

Due to excess of salinity in the water, galvanized deck anchors get closer to risk of premature corrosion. As per the research, experts discover that within 4-5 years of installation of salt system, galvanized deck anchors will corrode and make the task of handrail or ladder removal difficult for the user.

Just in case you are planning to have a salt system on the pool with galvanized deck anchors, you can protect the anchors from corrosion by spraying specific kind of corrosion inhibitor to slow the effect.

Tip- If you want to have pool, ask contractor to use brass anchors.

2. High Chlorine

Salt water systems are great as you can have benefits of chlorine pool without adverse effects related to chlorine. No strong smell, no burning eyes, or other issues that may cause by chlorine are kept away by systems.

Excess of chlorine in the pool can have an adverse effect on the pool equipment, shell, and other components. To protect the components, you need to test chlorine levels every week.

3. Cell Replacement

No matter if you get salt chlorinators at lesser price than chlorine, a day comes when the cell will fail. Cell is the component that converts salt to chlorine and when it fails, your entire savings experience will be a waste.

In general, professionals ask $800-$1200 for replacing the cell and their normal expected life is 4-8 years. Though there are several great benefits of salt chlorine systems, but cost savings is not included in the list.

4. Tough on Auto Covers

Salt systems are tough on the metal parts used in automatic covers. If you want to avoid premature corrosion of these components, you need to rinse them time to time with fresh water from a garden hose.

These are few issues that brass anchor manufacturers don’t like about chlorine water systems. They suggest people to install brass anchors in the pool to avoid such issues in future.

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