Transformers Repairing Guide : How To Seal Leak Transformer Effectively

A few transformers that are prone to leaking are perfect instance of where using the right techniques and materials can rapidly lower cleanup costs and potential environmental damage from fluid leak. The leakage in transformer is usually caused by degrading cork gaskets or holes in the steel tank or radiator fins. Most of the times these leaks are slow drips, but if a disastrous leakage occurs, it can spill hundreds of gallons of mineral oil to the environment and leads to short-circuit that further cause safety and health concerns. We will tell you how to perform transformers repairing in such circumstances.

Transformers repairing

Talking about oil leaks, radiator fins are common area where it happens. Fins are prepared from thin metal to help heat transfer. The disadvantage of that thinness is that internal corrosion that happens due to water ingress and separation or external environmental corrosion has power to penetrate and spill the oil.

How to repair it?

To repair such damage, you need to shut down the transformer and drained it completely before welding. Though you may find this job tough, but that’s OK. You can any time contact professionals to perform it.

Corrosion and leak

When transformers get older, fins on a transformer get corroded and this way they promote leakage of oil into the environment.

Preventing leaks is better than the sealing part as when you take preventive measures to avoid leakage, you automatically move to the path of saving money. Repairing and maintenance may cost you more, still it is important to perform repairing whenever required. Sometimes the repairs are so small that you can fix your own, but when the problem is serious one and you don’t know what to do next, it is better to call professionals. They will handle the issue and fix it in no time.

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