Dehydrator Manufacturers Bring Domestic Dehydrator Range To Prepare Raisins At Home!

Raisins are one of the natural foods that contain high proportion of iron. You can buy them from any grocery shop or store; however, you may think of supplements instead of buying raisins due to their cost. But what if you could make them at home? Premium dehydrator manufacturers bring domestic dehydrator range that will assist you in the making of raisins at home. Don’t believe us? Visit your nearest dehydrator machine provider and see what the product can do. Here we will share certain steps for dehydrating organic grapes and transforming them to healthy raisins using dehydrator equipment.

What You Need To Do?

Grapes- any color and size you can get easily from the fruit market. You can even grow it at home. Make sure the grapes should be seedless. Wash them adequately and pluck each grape from the stem once you clean them with water. Take a deep hollow pan and put the grapes in it and drain water. Let the grapes drip for about an hour to not add moisture to the dehydrating machine.

You must strip the grapes with your hands to remove the small stems from them. You can use towel to dry the grapes. Place the towel in dry pan and roll the grapes on it with your hands. This will make them ready for dehydrator tray.

When you fill all the trays of dehydrator with grapes, then close the machine and switch on the motor. Make sure you set the temperature at highest setting for the first 12 hours at least. The grapes’ skin holds in the moisture and juice, so all the grapes should be warm enough to prevent souring.

You can turn the temperature to medium level once you see that grapes are turned into darker and do not drying out. Your green grapes will converted to dark brown and can be used as raisins in couple of days. A good dehydrator takes 2-3 days to dry the raisins.

UntitledTake A Test

To check whether your grapes are finely turned into raisins or not- you need to squeeze all darker drying grapes on the tray. If you feel them slip inside the skin, you need to wait to let them completely dry. When you feel them firm, but pliable, they are ready to eat!

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