Building a Dream Home

Building a Dream Home

When designing your home, there are three areas that you’ll want to pay extra close attention to in order to create the veritable space of your dreams. Today’s selection of materials and products is vast, so you are sure to create a space that suits your idea of luxury, functionality, and style. When working with your designer, be sure to spend plenty of time considering the following spaces of your home so you can achieve a setting that’s ideal for you.

  1. Kitchen

When designing your new kitchen, you’ll want to consider how you cook and how you want your space to be laid out. You may want an island equipped with a sink and stove or you might want to install professional appliances that require custom built-ins. It can be helpful to visit online galleries to obtain ideas for your space. When selecting kitchen features, be sure to consider elements such as a breakfast nook, pantry, custom cabinets (i.e. for large mixers), recessed lighting, sun windows, and appliance types (i.e. dishwashers, wine cooler, built-in microwave, etc.).

When it comes to decorative styles, you’ll have plenty to consider. You might prefer an old-world style like a Tuscan or French Provencal design or something modern like industrial or Mid-Century Modern. Whether you prefer a traditional setting or something contemporary, your modular kitchen manufacturers will work with you to select materials for your floor, cabinets, and more.

  1. Bathroom

If you plan to design a master bathroom, just consider how wonderful it would be to install a bathroom suite with a stand-along tub, separate shower feature, and built-in vanity. Your private bathroom space can be designed as a personal sanctuary, a place where you can relax. Install a whirlpool tub, heated tiles, or even a steam shower so you can come here to de-stress after each day.

Your designer can also help you plan all of your bathroom spaces to complement the needs of your family. From tiny powder rooms to functional kids’ bathrooms, your designer will have a portfolio of samples and ideas for you to consider.

  1. Patio

When building your dream home, it can be easy to get caught up within the home’s interior. Naturally, the inside of the house demands lots of attention. However, the backyard of your new home presents you with a wonderful blank canvas where you can design a patio that suits the way you intend to use. Whether you crave an outdoor kitchen, lounging area, entertaining space, or all of the above, you can design a patio that creates a useful extension of your home.

Your design team can help you select materials that complement the exterior of your home to create a seamless look between your house and patio. You may want to site your patio off of your kitchen area for convenience. Be sure to consider outdoor plumbing and electricity in case you want to install an outdoor sink or bar area.

Designing your dream home is an exciting time. Be sure you consider all your options carefully so you can achieve the setting of your dreams.