How It Benefits If One Owns A Transformer?

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If your job role is to manage or take decision for large commercial or industrial facility, you might think about buying a transformer. There are low voltage transformers manufacturers who think transformer ownership is worth considering since it reduces service voltage rate. When there is reduction in service voltage rate, this may affect and reduce your demand charge on monthly basis.

The transformer installed behind your building is crucial to ensuring that electricity is properly converted to a desired service voltage for routine operations. Usually, the utility has its own transformer as it is needed for the last leg of the trip to transmit electricity power to the business tower. This makes the service voltage secondary, low voltage, transformer side. In order to recover the transformer cost, the utility charges you extra tariff.

The next best option you can have is your own transformer through which you can move your service voltage to the primary, side, high voltage and save money. You can get a transformer by partnering with third party or buy a new transformer from manufacturers directly.

Who should consider buying a transformer?

If your electricity consumption is more and transformer ownership option makes everything worthwhile, then you can think about owning a transformer. There are some key points that you can consider for researching costs of transformer ownership-

  1. Dedicated transformer feed

If your business is presently having a dedicated transformer power supplying to your facility, then you require a transformer for operation. In case your facility lacks in dedicated transformer, and you can install a new transformer, you should. However, this will impact your upfront capital investment.

  1. Long term business plan

If you are having long term plan for your business and you are not going anywhere else from the current location then you must get a transformer. The value of owning and using your own transformer grows with time. Almost every transformer (if operated in right way) is intended to have a long life of 25 years or more. You just need to operate them in right weather or environment conditions.

  1. Sufficient distribution tariff

Your distribution charge relies on the required rate as determined by the local utility. If you want owning a transformer should be cost effective decision, your local utility tariff should be able to provide enough difference between the demand rates per service voltage.

  1. Excess usage of transformer

Transformer usage is the transformer capacity percentage you actually use for your utility. If the rate is 50%, it means your peak load measures 50% of the transformer’s rated capacity. This shows that transformer you are having is over sized for your present operations. However, there is no problem in having oversized transformer if you are planning for more loads in future.

So, owning a transformer is definitely a beneficial decision as you save cost for business. And more saved costs means more profit. You can always approach high and low voltage transformers manufacturers who are providing third party option or selling their units to industrial clients.

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