The Need of Cement Testing Equipment- Vibration Cement Plants

Cement Testing Equipment-

Cement is a ubiquitous binding material that has stood various tests of climate, geography, and other factors since long time. Cement is being used everywhere, you can see builders using it for making residential structures, government offices, roads, dams, etc. About 15-17% of the cost of construction of any structure is contributed by cement only. The manufacturing of cement involves harsh and sturdy production conditions due to excessive dust content in the cement testing equipment area.

What Is The Need Of Vibration Monitoring In Cement Plants?

Rotary machine is the key device used in cement plants. It is important to run the machine at high efficiency without any hassle. The deterioration in the rotary machine’s efficiency is unpredictable, but using vibrating monitoring and analysis system, you can get accurate results. Vibrating monitoring and analysis system is the simplest way to keep machines healthy and efficient for long time. When you maintain and care for machines, the operating costs get reduced automatically and plant efficiency and availability get increased.

Major objectives of vibration monitoring:

It is effective for various things like misalignment, imbalance, abnormal sleeve bearing, abnormal roller bearing, looseness, etc.

  • Lowering downtime when machine is down
  • Preventing unscheduled downtime
  • Preventing failures
  • Lowering energy costs
  • Extending machine usable time

The machine was initially designed and developed to help industrial manufacturing and process industries to boost profitability and productivity. Manufacturing cement is one of the aggressive of all production methods. The machine has accelerometers that are used to measure vibration levels of the machine. If these accelerometers are not aptly installed or maintained and serviced, it won’t bring suitable precision or longevity. Condition monitoring relies on stability. A wrongly mounted accelerometer will bring readings related to a change in conditions, but also to the instability of the sensor present in the machine.

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