Preparing for Fire Safety – What You Should Know

Few things can be as devastating as a fire. It can completely destroy all property and life within minutes. We have already seen how major fires have ended up wrecking havoc in their wake. This is why fire safety rules are so stringent. It is the understanding that most fire tragedies can be avoided if precautions are taken at the right time. Simple tools and equipment like fire extinguishers Pune can avert a fire breakout.

So, When Is The Right Time To Prepare For Fire Safety?

Actually, it should start at the very beginning – in the architectural drawings of a building! The National Building Code has regulations for ensuring that every building follows the most critical fire prevention plans. These apply to all buildings, whether residential or commercial. The buildings are classified according to their size, such as high-rises or apartments. The regulations are critical in ensuring that urban areas with their mass of humanity have a basic fire code.

It is also designed to accommodate for the complexity of modern buildings and lifestyle, which makes us twice as susceptible to a fire incident. The equipment and furnishings found in any building ensure that a fire can spread quickly. So, ensuring that a building adheres to all fire codes is the first step.

Building a Fire Plan

  • Designing an escape route: This is usually built by builders or architects. In case, this is not present in your building, make one yourself. Whether it is a home or an office, we need a proper escape route. Draw the basic blueprint of the house and then clearly mark the exits. There should be two exits to every room and these should be clearly marked. This includes doors and windows. Also clearly mark the location of fire fighting equipment like fire extinguishers Pune. If there are any people with disability, their requirements must also be accommodated.
  • Installing fire alarm: The best tool for safety is quick information and nothing works better than a fire alarm. You can opt for smoke detectors that are triggered by smoke. Install an alarm at all important intersections. In a home, alarms should be placed outside bedrooms and common areas. You should also connect the alarm to ensure that one alarm triggers the rest and everyone is informed in time.
  • Clear escape path: Ensure that the path to the exits is cleared at all times. There should be hop heavy furniture blocking the path. You can also keep ladders to ensure that people can climb out of windows if required.
  • Holding drills: Just equipping your home is not enough. You also have to ensure that everyone understands what has to be done in case of fire. Holding emergency drills is the best way to ensure that. The drill ensures that people know how they have to exit a building. It is important in making sure that there is no panicked scramble in case of an emergency.
  • Training: Some fire safety plans may also require training, especially if we are dealing with a large property with multiple fire safety measures. In such a case, you must create a team that is responsible for the initial fire response. The team will monitor the safe exit of people, ensure that the alarm goes off on all location and that emergency services are notified immediately. The team should also be trained in handling firefighting equipment like extinguishers or in activating sprinkler systems.

What To Do In Case Of Fire?

The above plan will provide for almost all contingencies. But what should you do in case you are actually stuck in a fire. The first thing to do is to keep calm. Then you must decide if you can safely exit the room. Leaving the room could be difficult if the path to the building exit is blocked, you are too high up or some other such reason.

Wet a towel and hold it over your nose as you try to get out. You should also try to stay near the floor since fire moves upwards. In case you choose to stay in the room, try to seal the door as much as possible. You can use duct tapes and wet towels for this. Keep wet towels and fire extinguishers Pune ready. Hang a bed sheet outside the window to ensure that the firefighters can see you.

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