Investment Castings : Some Tooling Tips For You

Die casting or mold casting is a process used by precision investment castings / las fundiciones de inversión de precisión manufacturers. In the process, experts use a closed vessel into which molten metal is injected under high temperature and pressure, and then rapidly cooled until the solidified part becomes rigid and can be ejected from the mold.


Die casting tooling components are designed with alloy tool steels in minimum two sections. The first half and the moving half sections are used to permit casting removal. Some dies may also include movable slides, other sections including cores to create holes, threads, and other desired shapes in the casting product.


A hole presents in the fixed die half lets the molten metal to enter and fill the cavity. The ejector half has the passageways and gates that help molten metal to reach to the cavity. Manufacturing unit team lock these dies with locking pins and secure the two halves. Ejector pins are used to remove the cast part. Openings for the coolant are used to cool the mold and solidify the molten metal to form the desired shape.

A shot sleeve is a critical accessory used by professionals into the hole in the fixed half when it is set in the die cast machine. Experts use it for aluminum die casting process.

Goal behind using shot sleeve-

  • Stabilize temperatures to maintain a straight and round shot sleeve to allow plunger tip to seal on shot sleeve wall. This extends the tooling life span.
  • Allow plunger to move through the sleeve consistently and without hassle. This reduces the scrap.
  • Provide a longer life by reducing the unscheduled downtime

The functionality

Shot sleeve accessory is used to contain the molten aluminum that is being injected into the mold with the help of the plunger tip.

Is there any benefit of controlling the shot sleeve?

Yes, there are many positives of controlling the shot sleeve. Manufacturers of investment casting products will share them now-

1. It reduces scrap
2. It aids consistent shot cycle. You will get a break free performance
3. It extends the life of shot sleeve
4. It extends the life of plunger tip
5. It can be recycled on replacement shot sleeves
6. It can control cooling automatically

This component is used in investment casting process. In this process, manufacturers use a wax pattern that is coated with a refractory ceramic material. Once the ceramic material gets hard, the metal forms the casting shape. The wax is melted out and molten metal is injected into the cavity in place of wax pattern.

This is the oldest technique that precision investment castings manufacturers are still using and applying in their job. If you need any tips regarding casting shapes, do contact the experts.

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